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Buying a home is a significant life event. Whether you are a buying a home for the first time, downsizing to a condo now that the family has grown or buying a home for investment purposes, finding the right home can be time consuming, expensive and stressful.

We are MABA, Massachusetts Association of Buyers Agents, a non-profit organization of real estate professionals who specialize in working with and for you, the home buyer, during the home buying process. No conflict of interests. We reduce stress, save time and money, and eliminate hassle. Don't assume any other real estate professional has the same commitment. Hiring a MABA buyer agent does not cost you any more than working with any other real estate agent. It will likely save you both time and money.


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For most homeowners, their home represents their largest asset. To say the least, it's a personal, emotional and significant financial investment. If you are serious about making an informed, wise decision, start with selecting a real estate professional that will best serve your needs. MABA introduced buyer agency to Massachusetts in 1990. We are the gold standard for buyer agents. Go with the best. What are exclusive buyer agents?

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  • Share of First-Time Home Buyers in Massachusetts Drops to Record Low in 2016

    This report courtesy of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors

    First-time homebuyers are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase a home in Massachusetts as high home prices and low inventory have significantly increased competition in the market, according to the 2016 Massachusetts Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. The study found that the state’s share of first-time homebuyers dropped to a low of 35 percent, the lowest since the Profile began collecting Massachusetts data in 2003. In 2015, nearly 41% of buyers were first-timers.

    The state fared better than the South and West regions of the United States, but worse than the Northeast as a whole, which had a total share of 44 percent of first-timers in 2016. 

    “While 2016 was an overall strong year for the Massachusetts housing market, rising prices and plummeting inventory have significantly impacted the ability of many first-time buyers to purchase a home in the Bay State,” said 2017 MAR President Paul Yorkis, president of Patriot Real Estate in Medway. “The only way we can solve this problem is to produce the type of workforce housing many first-time homebuyers want and need, but can’t find.”

    2016 Buyer/Seller Demographics:

    • Median household income of Massachusetts buyers was $97,700, compared to $88,500 overall in the U.S.
    • 58% of homebuyers were married couples.
    • 18% were single females, 9% single males and 13% unmarried couples.
    • Nationally, 66% of buyers were married, 17% were single females, 7% were single males and 8% were unmarried couples.
    • The median age of the first-time homebuyer in Massachusetts was 33, compared to 32 nationally.
    • 54% of first-time homebuyers in the state were between 25 and 34 years old, while 24% were 35-44 years old and 10% were 18-24 years old.
    • First-time homebuyers in Massachusetts had a median income of $82,100, compared to $72,000 among first-time homebuyers nationally.
    • The median age of home sellers was 45 years with a median income of $115,000 (the US median was $100,700). 
    • The typical sellers owned their home for 11 years.
    • 18% of home sellers reported the main reason for selling was to purchase a larger home.
    • Another 18% cited the desire to move closer to friends and family, while 14% reported that the neighborhood had become less desirable.
    • 3% reported selling because they could not afford the mortgage and other expenses of owning a home.

    If you are a first time buyer in Massachusetts, working with a member of the Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents will give you an advantage in this extremely competitive market. MABA agents work exclusively on your behalf to ensure that you have the best possible home buying experience in Massachusetts.